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ANA reported last week that the SABC had spent more than 22 million defending controversial former chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

Now Sunday World reports that the broadcaster is still owed R10 million legal fees and that part of that money comes from fighting off Motsoeneng's lawsuits, the same person they spent millions on defense.

Hlaudi's attempts to be reinstated at the CCMA, and his attempt to get the SABC to pay him his retirement at the Supreme Court of Joburg have allegedly bagged the SABC.

This could not come at a worse time for the broadcaster, who told parliament a few days ago that they owe creditors close to R700 million and are on the verge of total collapse.

Despite the fact that many believe that the leadership of Motsoeneng is one of the main causes of the financial mess at the SABC, and despite the fact that its legal actions have reportedly cost the already broken R10 million, Motsoeneng has offered bizarrely to return to the distressed broadcaster to help "fix it".

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The SABC refused Motsoeneng to pay his pension after claiming that he had received a R11 million bonus he did not earn during his time as CEO of the broadcaster.

They were told that they could only withhold the pension legally if they went to court to get a prescription.

They decided to legally fight to get Motsoeneng to pay back his bonus because he said he should not have gotten him because he just did his job.

They therefore spend considerable amounts in the hope that they will get back some money that they have not yet been able to earn back.

Their huge bill comes not only from action with Hlaudi. They are reportedly also owing money for other prominent cases, including former CFO and acting CEO James Aguma, among others.

Last week it was reported that the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) also owes the R 1.7 million legal fees.

This relates to a cost order against the SABC in the defense of Motsoeneng in a court action pending in the court, rendering his appointment invalid.

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