SANCO condemns attacks on foreign traders in parts of Soweto

JOHANNESBURG – The South African National Civil Society Friday condemned attacks on foreign traders in parts of Soweto and urged communities to isolate criminal elements that hijack real community concerns.

After three violent attacks on Spaza stores in Soweto, this will kill three people on Wednesday.

"Those who are looting stores owned by foreign nationals under the guise of selling these illegal bogus foods have a criminal intent and a destructive agenda than protecting the health and well-being of our communities," said SANCO spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu.

"Their actions defy our humanity and commitment to peaceful coexistence".

PRECIOUS OPTIONS: Foreign shop owners gathered at the Moroka police station to pick up their goods that were stored at the station for safekeeping after plundering in Soweto. Photo: Bhekikhaya Mabaso / Africa News Agency (ANA)

Mahlangu said that the moral regeneration project must be revived and crime prevention structures must be revived in order to tackle lawlessness and tackle immorality.

"The current crisis highlights the endemic corruption in the food industry and the collapse of environmental health inspections in municipalities that are supposed to carry out regular unannounced inspections in business premises and spa shops," he said.

He said that if this was not addressed, this could affect the overall health of the nation.

"We need to take action against those who close their eyes to this alleged catastrophe," he added.

File. A foreigner's shop is looted in WhiteCity in Soweto, the sacking that began in the Snake Park area spread to the entire township. Picture. ANA / Matthews Baloyi

Mahlangu welcomed the government's determination to address the sale of fake items and to increase consumers' awareness of the safety of food products.

"To this end, we encourage our structures to be part of forums for stakeholder engagement that are held next week with different business formations and oversee compliance with applicable laws by regulatory authorities," Mahlangu added.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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