Sleeping teacher kidnapped, raped in nightmare ordeal

"She tied her up, loaded her inside the boat or drove away with her.

"It was also that the suspects took turns … raping the victim, still tied up, in the bushes before they fled the scene with the motor vehicle, a Volkswagen Polo," Ngoepe said.

During the judgments, one of the men was found in possession of the teacher's car keys. The car was later abandoned in the bushes near Marken.

They were charged with common robbery, kidnapping, theft or a motor vehicle and rape, said Ngoepe.

"Their cases were postponed to December 3, 2018 for further police investigations and for a formal bail application," said Ngoepe.

They were arrested on Sunday.

The department of education expressed at the incident.

"We are concerned about our teachers in and around our school," said the department's spokesperson, Sam Makondo.

Makondo further added that the teacher was discharged from hospital on Sunday afternoon.

"We have arranged for counseling and will provide the necessary support needed," he said.

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