Snake farm manager dies from black mamba bite

A 26-year-old manager of the snake farm died while doing what he loved most when he was bitten by a black mamba.

The snake of the snake pierced Ryan Soobrayan's finger as he tried to remove his poison on Saturday, according to a statement from his employers at African Reptiles and Venom.

"He had a severe anaphylactic reaction of the mamba's venom, his premature death was not due to the bite, but as a result of anaphylaxis."

Johan Marais, a herpetologist at the Snakebite Institute in Africa, explained that it usually took three to sixteen hours to die from a black mamba snake bite.

"You need to go to the hospital as soon as possible, because black mambas have neurotoxic venom, which affects breathing," Marais said.

"In the hospital you get assisted breathing, they put you on a ventilator and use CPR to revive you." Ryan was exposed to poison all the time. "What is strange here is that he did not die from the poison, went into shock or anaphylaxis."

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Symptoms include numbness of the lips, unclear speech and progressive weakness. Large amounts of antivenom are needed to treat the snake bite.

The black mamba is known as the largest venomous snake in Africa and grows to the maximum length of 4.5 meters.

According to the website of the Snakebite Institute in Africa, the black mamba has the reputation of being shy, but will not hesitate to repeatedly strike when threatened.

Soobrayan's fiance Jacquelyn Sewcharan took social media to express her grief.

"You always wanted to influence all my love in the world, look at what you did – social media are crazy about your heroism and they should do that too," she wrote.

"You were the most amazing person I ever knew, I have no words to describe you, no words to say because nothing will ever be enough."

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