South Africa: Soweto Cash-in-Transit Heist – Hears Court Accused is related to Axed ANC Employee

One of the accused Dobsonville remittances is a relative of former ANC employee Errol Velile Present, who is also his accused.

"We are cousins, our mothers are brothers and sisters," Zakhele Zondi, 37, told the Roodepoorts Magistraatshof when he testified in his bail-out application on Friday.

Present was a staff member at the headquarters of the ANC, Luthuli House.

On Friday, Zondi appeared in the courtroom next to Present, Itumeleng Manama, 40, and Bheki Biyela, 36.

The men were arrested by the K9 Unit and Crime Intelligence of the Metro Metro Police Department in connection with the Dobsonville robbery in which a guard was shot and wounded.

During his first hour of Testimony on Friday, Zondi told the court repeatedly that the police were driving around all night with him after he arrested him on July 5.

He claimed that he had been arrested in the evening but only at 11:00 at the police station in Dobsonville Morni arrived.

"So, you tell the court that you were in police custody for almost 11 hours before you were taken to the police station," lawyer Ben Modumaela presented to Zondi.

The defendant replied: "That is correct, the police were raiding us."

"They used a plastic bag to cover my face and the other hit me with a firearm on my chest," he added. to it.

A woman left the court in tears when he testified.

Zondi recalled that he had seen Present on the day of their arrest and again later at the police station, where they had been taken to identify vehicles that were reportedly found in their possession.

He said that Present was injured and "like someone who was in pain".

Zondi claimed that they were attacked every time they claimed they knew nothing about the robbery.

Modumaela asked: "Were you a man and [did you endure] the pain and decide to refuse to know anything about the robbery?"

"I agreed with [confess] because I no longer accept the torture and ill-treatment could assume, "he said.

However, prosecutor Paseka Temeki argued: "He (Zondi) never mentioned a statement or confession.Modumaela puts words in the mouth of this witness.

Magistrate John Baloyi agreed

Earlier appearance, Zondi told the court that he was convicted in 2002 for attempted murder and sentenced to 11 years behind bars 19659004] He was released on release in 2009 and there were no pending cases against him.

Earlier in the day, the court adjourned to allow Manama's lawyer, Nthabiseng Mohomune, to attend the proceedings.

Mohomune came to court at noon, saying that she had to deal with a case in the South -Gauteng Supreme Court in Johannesburg

Mohomune read an affidavit in support of the bail of her client, in which Manama claimed that he was not part of a robbery, unidentified, knew g a witness and would neither avoid nor disrespect the orders of the court.

Manama also claimed that the police tortured him at the time of his arrest in Honeydew.

About eight policemen, who traveled in various different cars, demanded to know where the firearms were, he claimed

"I was tortured, they put a plastic bag over my head and even pepper sprayed me "he told the court.

Manama claimed that the hawks took him to the North-West province after being told that he had committed a robbery there.

the court that the officers put a cloth around the neck and tape above his head

His hands were apparently attached to a chair and the officers would have put two chokers on his thighs.

It turned out in the affidavit that Manama said he had a degree in electrical engineering and lived with his girlfriend before his arrest.

He was found guilty of conspiring to commit robberies in 2002 and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. It is not clear how many years he has served before he was released.

He also said that he had issued his passport.

The court heard that he could afford to pay a bail of R 10,000 and was planning not to plead guilty.

The case was postponed to 31 August.

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