South African & # 39; Farmer & # 39; endorses Donald Trump's tweet in viral video – The Citizen

A 32-year-old, self-proclaimed farmer, Danie Barnard, has gone viral on social media for welcoming US president Donald Trump's tweet about expropriating land without compensation.

In a video released on social media, Barnard claims that the regular media are without compensation in their expropriation reports. He claims that white South Africans are afraid of their lives because their government continues to support the violence.

"As a South African Farmer," says Barnard, he can confirm that Trump's tweet was 100% right.

"We are afraid of our lives We live in a very violent South Africa, where our government encourages this violence with songs they sing when they sing during their meetings with their retinue.

"All we ask for is an investigation, come and do your own due diligence and discover for yourself the reality of what is really happening in this country and the blatant racism against white people in this country."

He calls an attack on his family that took place when he was 11 years old and thanks his father for having a firearm to protect him and his brother.

Barnard also speaks of an occasion in which his family was again attacked when he was 24 years old and his grandfather was killed.

"We welcome Mr. Trump's tweets."

He ends the video with a warning against listening to regular media – claiming that they are in their reports.

Barnard published the video following a tweet from Trump about expropriation of the country without compensation, which led to a media storm and a nationwide debate.

The tweet from Trump followed a report about Fox News, where anchor Tucker Carlson gave his opinion on land expropriation.

Trump tweeted that he asked his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, "to study the seizure and expropriation of farm nurseries in South Africa and the large-scale slaughter of farmers".

"The South African government is now grabbing land from white farmers," tweeted Trump.

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