Spar-staff sensation handicapped boy with the iAfrika-rendition of Nkosi Sikelel [video]

No, you are crying. In one of the more emotional videos that you will likely see this week, employees in the Retail Crossing supermarket in Ruimsig, Gauteng, went viral because of their performance of the Nikosi Sikelel iAfrika. It turns out that it is for a very special person.

As reports TimesLive Brett Nash is 14 years old and has several medical conditions that have influenced his development. Cruel, only one of those – distal artrogryposis – has actually been identified.

Life is not easy for the Nash family, but thanks to superheroes of supermarkets they have a wonderful place where Brett can go and enjoy his best life.

In the video we see that the Spar employees deliver a lively and lively version of the national anthem, to the great joy of Brett. Although the teenager is unable to speak, he is thoroughly involved in the smashing performance.

South African Spar staff brings joy with handicapped teenager

However, this was not just a one-off act of kindness. No, these Ruimsig employees have been doing this for more than five years, according to Brett's mother, Tammy. She explained how this routine started, and it's all thanks to an enthusiastic shop assistant:

"This happens every night when we go there and it started five or six years ago, and he loves to go there. Brett is non-verbal, but he always hummed a tune, and once one of the staff picked him up while he hummed the anthem and they joined him [in singing it] "

Ayanda, Lorraine or Lerato are mentioned as the angelic souls who strived to make Nash's visits as memorable as possible with the iAfrika rendition of their Nkosi Sikelel.

However, it is not just a song and a dance that increases the mood of Brett. The whole outlet likes to involve him in their daily routine – he can even get a chance on one of the cleaner's machines if their paths cross each other.

South Africa still has a long way to go before anyone could call it a utopia. But seeing something so sweet is always reminding us how good this country – and our people – can really be.

Watch how the supermarket staff Nkosi Sikelel & # 39; iAfrika sings to Brett Nash here:

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