Suspects farm attacks escape from moving police vehicle

The manhunt was launched after two waiting trail prisoners who had managed to escape from a police vehicle.

The suspects cut open the roof of a moving truck before they flew out and fled on foot.

Police spokesman Moatshe Ngoepe says the police transported the men from Lephalale to Polokwane.

"On the way, near Steeploop on the Marken Road, the duo cut open the roof of a moving police truck, jumped out and disappeared into the nearby bushes."

Ngoepe says the escapes are both Zimbabwean and identified as Petrus Moyo and Witness Simango.

It is still unclear how the men managed to cut open the roof and why they were not fascinated. [19659002] One of the men was later arrested again and is expected to appear in court shortly.

The escapes are linked to the murder of a doctor in a farm attack outside Lephalal in 2017.

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