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The alleged female murderer Packham's deposit is increased by R25,000

Alleged wife killer Rob Packham will have to pay an extra deposit of R25,000 on top of the R50,000 he has already raised.

The Constantia businessman also has to hand in all his electronic devices and adhere to other conditions, the Supreme Court of Western Cape ruled Friday.

The state wanted Judge Nathan Erasmus to revoke his deposit after he had contacted witnesses of the state, including a woman with whom he had an extra-marital affair that had not been identified.

Judge Erasmus has imposed strict conditions whereby Packham hands in all his communication devices.

Packham can shop for three hours once a week, visit the church once a Sunday and visit his lawyer's office, TimesLive reports. He was instructed to call the inquiring officer every time he left home and on his return, and had to report to the police between 8 am and 9 am every day.

Packham, who worked for Twizza, was accused earlier this year of the murder of his wife, schoolmaster Gill Packham. He was free on bail and was under house arrest.

His wife disappeared on February 22 and her body was found in the trunk of a burnt-out BMW near the train station in Diep River.

According to the charges, he reportedly used a stupid object to hit Gill on his head and set, with the purported intent to hamper justice, a BMW on fire while her body was in the vehicle. He also reportedly provided the police with false information.

"It is often the case that you have violated the conditions for bail." There is an absolute prohibition of communication, directly or indirectly, with certain witnesses on the list, "the judge reported as he pronounced his verdict, News24 reported.

When thinking about what to do with the 57-year-old, Erasmus said: "I do not feel sorry for you.

"If you do something and I warn you, you lose your deposit and you will be held in custody until the end of your trial."

Earlier on Friday it appeared that Packham had made contact with his former mistress and several colleagues at his previous work place, Twizza.

The court heard that he was caught on video on 3 September and handed flowers and a card to a porter at his mistress's workplace.

The map contained a French quote that translated into "Love makes all things beautiful".

The investigative officer, detective sergeant Ivan Sonnenberg, also revealed that the mistress had received an e-mail and a mobile message from someone with a different name, which she thought would be Packham.

Sonnenberg said that the mistress's lawyer had contacted him to let him know that she was being harassed at work and that she was being contacted on her cell phone.

She apparently also made a statement in which she said that his contact was undesirable and that she felt "harassed and intimidated by him".

Prosecutor Susan Galloway had argued that Packham should be held in custody because it would be easier to control his communication.

Packham was laughing at this comment. Judge Erasmus said that the accused could do exactly the same actions in prison, except for the personal delivery of flowers.

The case was postponed until October 26 for his pre-trial conference in the Supreme Court.

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