The family of Magnus Malan breaks their silence

The family of the Minister of Defense, Magnus Malan, has broken his silence. Family spokesman Major General Gert Opperman refuted all the allegations in a recently published book, "The Lost Boys of Bird Island."

The authors say that Malan and two other national party ministers in the private office of PW Botha were a sexually abused young man [19659002] In an exclusive interview, Gert Opperman, who represents the family of Magnus Malan, never said about the contents in the book "The Lost Boys of Bird Island".

The book reveals how Malan and two other prominent cabinets of the National Party Ministers regularly abused young boys on an island just off the coast of Port Elizabeth.

Opperman discredited all allegations of homosexuality and said that Malan was a pious Christian.

Malan died seven years ago.

The family was completely shocked by the allegations when it appeared in an African newspaper.

"They were never warned before the publication, it came as a complete surprise to them, and they found the accusations completely without any basis and utterly unfair," says Opperman.

He doubted the credibility of the anonymous victim. "For example, this most recent Mr. X I did not find any element that can be confirmed in practice, in fact, I found so many incredible things that are not proof at all," adds Opperman.

The death of co-author Mark Minnie has also led to speculation. On Monday he was found with a single gunshot on his head, on a little one in Trio, near Port Elizabeth.

"I think that is another aspect that needs to be fully explored and that should be part of the larger research as well, if that is the case that people who have proof that they can apply to those research teams must do, "said Opperman.

Minnie's family believes he was murdered. "Mark is not a coward Mark looked life straight in the face There is no way that I and every one of us believe the world has chosen", says Minnie & # 39; s Cousin, Terisia Dodo.

The Minnie family has appointed expert forensic investigator Dr. David Klatszow to investigate his death.

victims come forward may put an end to 30 years of speculation, of whom raped and possibly killed many young children, most of them vulnerable and black.

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