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The girl's toe is now her finger

Cape Town – A four-year-old who braved an 11-hour operation to become one of the youngest patients in the country to undergo a successful transfer from toe to toe, should move her finger quickly and grab large objects.

Angelique was born with bilateral symbrachydactyly, a congenital condition in which there are different levels of missing and shortened fingers.

Dwayne Evans, public health physician said that symbrachydactyly usually occurred in only one member, but in Angelique's case she was born without a left hand and without fingers on her right hand, apart from a very rudimentary right thumb.

The operation was investigated and planned because the parents of Angelique, Dirk and Anna, dr. Approaching Mark van der Velde for help.

Executed in the Red Cross war memorial children's hospital, the intervention consisted of four surgeons and lasted for 11 hours.

"She needed a broader grip and knowing that bone grafts do not grow in proportion to the child, I sought the help of" the world's best pioneers in pediatric microvascular teen transfers that guided and encouraged me, "said Van der Velde. .

"The difference between a bone graft and a whole toe transfer is that a graft is a single bone without blood supply, while a whole toe comes with a blood supply, nerves, tendons and nails and gives much more length than a graft."

When Angelique was six months old, doctors increased her right, middle and ring fingers.

When she was one, Van der Velde performed a third bone graft to make her thumb longer.

Evans said that in the past 15 years in South Africa several toe transfers have been carried out in adults who had lost numbers in casualties and that a transfer from toe to thumb in a victim of a child's fire had been completed ten years ago, but that there was never a pediatric toe transfer for a child born without fingers.

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