The goal is to abuse the procurement system, probe, says Willie Mathebula

The committee, chaired by Deputy Chief Prosecutor Raymond Zondo, sat on Tuesday for the second day, with a procedure until Friday, when former Deputy Minister of Finance, Mcebisi Jonas, will testify. Jonas said in March 2016 that Ajay Gupta had offered him a ministerial job.

The controversial Gupta family is linked to accusations of state interference.

Leah Gcabashe, who led the testimony of Mathebula, asked him what led to irregularities in the tender.

"There are a number of reasons," Mathebula said. "Some reasons may be deliberate misuse of the system, but some reasons may be the interpretation of the application of the rules based on capacity … If you look at what has happened in recent years, I am sure you at least Over 50% of these violations can be attributed to intentions to abuse the system, "he said.

Everyone could work in tenders, even if they had no professional experience in the area, he said.

The problems relating to irregularities in the tender were in a combination of factors, but "the larger element was the human element in the process," Mathebula said.

Regulations are in force and extended from time to time, but "people should also choose to ensure compliance with the process".

Research and prosecution processes are well known, but those processes sometimes take a long time in the current legal system & # 39 ;.

"Maybe we need to see if we have to re-classify purchase violations so that they can be quickly traced, or even consider a special tribunal to deal specifically with these matters, otherwise if you do not, the rot will continue in the system. "Mathebula said.

Gcabashe asked Mathebula if there is a monitoring process to ensure that the R800bn in procurement expenditure reaches the intended targets annually, which he said is a difficult question. is.

The entire process relates to the management of the budget after it has been submitted by the Minister of Finance, and the Treasury is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that public authorities and public authorities spend that money in the right way, he said.

"But of course there is a challenge because we can not claim that all this money ends up being sent to, hence the problem we face in the country," said Mathebula.

Zondo asked if a study had been done to find out where things went wrong at purchasing, where Mathebula said they would look into it. The committee indicated that this might not be his last appearance and that his expertise could be used at a later stage.

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