The Stellenbosch cop talks about a dramatic chase that led to the arrest of the suspect of the murder of Hannah Cornelius

A brigadier from Stellenbosch on Monday told a dramatic pursuit by a local farm that resulted in the arrest of one of the men accused of the brutal rape and murder of student Hannah Cornelius.

Sergeant Clifton Adams was at work on May 27 last year when he became aware of a hijacked blue Citi Golf that was chased early in the afternoon in the student city, he testified in the Supreme Court of the Western Cape.

He and his partner saw the car and ran after them and joined a convoy that was already chasing the car when it was on its way to Devon Valley Road and finally stopped at Cross-in-Die-Weg Farm.

CCTV footage showed officers, including Adams, who got out of their vehicles and were chased by two suspects who had left the stolen car inside the room and were fleeing in different directions.

Adams estimated that the pursuit was a distance of less than a kilometer, winding through the function area of ​​the farm, vineyards and to the houses of the farm workers.

A fellow officer had called for the suspect to lie down and he did so.

He pointed to Geraldo Parsons as the man he had handcuffed that day before he took him to the cells of the police station in Stellenbosch.

Parsons, Vernon Witbooi, Eben van Niekerk and Nashville Julius are confronted with a series of accusations, including murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and rape.

The men would have arrested Cornelius and her friend Cheslin Marsh in her VW Citi Golf on the corner of Jan Celliers and Bird streets in the early hours of May 27, 2017.

Cornelius was threatened with a screwdriver, while Marsh was pushed into the back seat of the car on his friend's seat.

Cornelius was raped and stabbed to death.

Marsh was deprived of his cell phone and clothes and forced into the trunk of the car. Later he was attacked by bricks and left for dead.

Permanent hearing damage

Dr. Taurai Gororo from the Tygerberg hospital, whom Marsh examined after his ordeal, testified on Monday that Marsh, who had been a student at the time, had had a basis of skull fracture, including injuries, and that he had been fortunate enough to have survived.

He said Marsh would never be able to play contact sports like rugby because of his injuries.

WATCH: CCTV footage shows kidnapping of Hannah Cornelius and friend

The damage to Marsh's left ear is permanent and he will never be able to hear it again.

Hannah Cornelius

Vernon Witbooi during the demonstrating parade, which shows where the gang rape of Hannah Cornelius took place. (Delivered)

Witbooi, who confessed in a confession that he had been with his accused that night, but had not denied involvement in rape and murder, had also pointed to the area where the attacks apparently took place that evening.

Marsh would have been attacked on Bottelary Road at the Kraaifontein wastewater treatment plant.

Cornelius was raped according to Witbooi at the Bottelary Sports Club.

Drugs, drugs and paraphernalia found in the car

He indicated that it had been dark that night and that he could not give an exact location.

Police photographer Brandon van der Merwe was also called to the witness stand, where he confirmed that he had photographed the scene when Cornelius' body was found.

He said that when her body was discovered, Cornelius had been lying on her stomach. One of her earrings was missing in her ear and a large rock was close to her remains.

Numerous condom packaging was photographed at the site of the rape.

He also photographed her car after it was abandoned by the suspects. The photos show an Okapi knife, a screwdriver, drug and drug paraphernalia, an empty cooldrink bottle and cigarette butts in the car.

The process will resume on Tuesday.

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