Third man linked to & # 39; underworld & # 39; extortion case shot in Cape Town

The brother of an accused, who had to appear before a suspected underworld head Nafiz Modack, for suspicion of a lawsuit, was shot several times during an incident that was possibly a case of identity exchange.

The man, 48, was in a golden BMW in Salt River at the time of the attack on Thursday, near the center of Cape Town. His car collided with several other cars before it fell over.

News24 understands that the injured man is a brother of Ashley Fields, who, together with Colin Booysen and Jacques Cronje, will be extorting with Modack in the regional court of Cape Town in November.

During the bail application of Modack and his co-accused, which took place in the Court of Appeal of Cape Town between December 2017 and February 2018, investigative officer Charl Kinnear – in his main evidence – made serious claims about Fields.

He had said that the Crime Intelligence Unit had discovered that Fields was supposedly "a well-known and respected gangster in Salt River and Woodstock."

It is clear that the man injured on Thursday was shot in case of a wrong identity. He drove the vehicle from Fields when he was the target.

A source said he was shot in his face and chest.

This marks the third person with direct or indirect ties to the case that is being shot.

On August 5, Carl Lakay, who was accused in the extortion case, was killed in a Goodwood shooting.

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Four days earlier, Jerome's "Donkie" Booysen, Colin Booysen's brother, was injured in a shooting in Kuils River during an incident marking the sixth attempt in his life.

Another man, reportedly the man who shot Booysen, was shot dead.

News24 understands that the man who reportedly injured Jerome Booysen lived in Woodstock, a suburb next to Salt River.

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Woodstock, as well as Salt River, is a stronghold of the gang Young Gifted Sexy Bastards, which in turn has links with the notorious group Hard Livings.

Lawyer Bruce Hendricks, who represents Colin Booysen in the extortion case, refused to comment on Thursday's shooting.

The Western Cape spokesman, Captain Frederick van Wyk, said that officers who responded to a shootout in Junction Road, Salt River, had discovered a golden BMW that had been destroyed after crashing into several other cars.

The officers had realized then that there were two people in the BMW – a man and a woman.

Motive unknown

Van Wyk said the man had contracted multiple gunshot wounds while the woman was not injured.

"The motive for the shooting incident is not yet known and is under investigation," he said.

An attempted murder was investigated.

Anyone who has information about Thursday's Salt River shooting should contact Detective Warrant Officer Warren Smith on 021 486 2824 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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