Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga is cornered

TSHWANE executive mayor Solly Msimanga is cornered, with both the official ANC and the Queen EFF who promised to take him from the highest office in the subway yesterday.

The ANC has submitted an urgent vote of no confidence in Msimanga to the Council.

It said it was looking for support from other parties to dispel the head of the DA-led multi-party government for two years in its term of office. The development followed controversial agreements and a multi-day gladAfrica scandal of peripherals that rocked the capital.

"The motion must be submitted at the forthcoming council meeting scheduled to take place on August 30. The urgency arose as a result of a special council meeting on Wednesday.

"The executive mayor's report at the special board meeting clearly shows that he was actually aware of the alleged irregularities related to the multibillion edge enterprise project management unit in the city council's office," ANC Tshwane regional chairman Dr. Kgosi Maepa told journalists.

"The pertinent issue is that the executing mayor was aware of the corruption scandal from November 2017 to July 2018. Even after reports on the supply chain were submitted to him during that period, he did not inform the board about the matter.

"The executive mayor, Mr. Solly" I do not know, I'm not sure "Msimanga neglected an important aspect of proper skill and diligence by monitoring the executive power as expected by the board."

Maepa said the ANC appealed to other political parties in the council to join forces with the former government party and expel Msimanga. "We call on other political parties in the Council to support the motion together with the ANC and to dismiss the executive mayor of our office, and we also propose voting through a secret ballot, and it is our ethical and moral duty. to protect resources from the local state and become honest stewards of public funds, "said Maepa.

"Our people live in a real hell in townships, while the DA-led government uses money to provide minimal basic services for electricity, water and waste collection.

"Corruption has a negative effect on the city's administration and the efficient delivery of basic services: it is a cancer that not only affects the city, but more the residents and taxpayers."

As the tendance scandal deepens, Msimanga asked the council this week to suspend warring municipal manager Dr. Moeketsi Mosola and other senior officials.

"After careful consideration, I refer the allegations of malicious irregularities to the Board, in particular to investigate allegations of serious misconduct against senior officials in accordance with the disciplinary rules for senior managers in the Municipalities Act, Msimanga said.

After being judged by the accused officials, he decided that an independent investigation by the council should be approved as the best way to establish the facts in allegations of irregularity by the officials, he said.

Mosola came under fire after reporting in the media that the GladAfrica Group of Ariya Project Managers dried the capital after infrastructure projects worth about R12 billion were granted without following procedures.

GladAfrica reportedly made a further R250m of consultancy costs in the last six months of the road and transport division of the metro.

If the motion succeeds, council speaker Katlego Mathebe will take over until a new mayor is elected within a specific time, or a new election will have to be held.

Meanwhile, EFF leader Julius Malema said that there was no credible candidate from the ANC who could govern the city if the motion of no confidence of the ruling party against Msimanga would succeed.

He said his party would abstain and would not vote if the ANC and the DA failed to become a better candidate.

"I doubt that the ANC has a credible candidate, I doubt that they have to work very hard.

"In fact, in our agreements with some leaders of the ANC (after the local elections in 2016), when they begged to lead Joburg, they told us and begged them not to make that mistake by them (the ANC) Tshwane they actually said they were willing to take Joburg and give the EFF Tshwane because they looked between their people and could not find anyone, & # 39; & # 39; he told reporters in Joburg.

Malema accused Msimanga of "inconsistency" with regard to Mosola and the allegations of the tender.

"Msimanga sat next to the city manager and announced that there was nothing wrong (regarding the tender) Now it seems that something is wrong, they have to take both responsibility.

"Msimang should not use the city manager as a scapegoat.

"The city manager brought this subject to his attention a long time ago, but Msimanga pretends to have seen it only in the newspapers he has named Marietta (Aucamp) without qualification, and if you touch them, the white DA caucus gets angry. and she puts pressure on Msimanga, & # 39; said Malema.

Msimanga could not cope with the DA white caucus in the city, unlike mayor of city mayor Herman Mashaba, he added.

"Mashaba confronts them directly, he is not afraid of them, and Msimanga wants their support when he wants to become Prime Minister (of Gauteng), so he stands on his toes around them.

"As a result, he had them destroyed him, Marietta was imposed on him by the white caucus, why, because he had to have a white supervisor."

Malema also announced that the EFF had also submitted a vote of no confidence against Msimanga and would wait for the DA and the ANC to forward names of "credible candidates".

"If the two parties do not make anyone credible, we will abstain from voting, which is another democratic right we have.

"We will not vote for someone who will win with high votes without our vote.

"We do not want the white supremacy and arrogance in the capital to be perpetuated.

"We have no confidence in Msimang ourselves and we hope that other political parties will support us."

Mayoral spokesman Samkelo Mgobozi said that the EFF and the ANC have made many accusations.

He said the mayor would give a statement to deal with everything that had happened. – Additional reporting: African News Agency (ANA)

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