VIEW: Condemned fee The Nazi activist must say that he will not leave Union buildings until the presidential meeting

August 21, 7:48 PM

"Excuse me, Mr President, do not blame me!

Excuse us, Mr President, do not blame us! "

Those were the songs of Durban University of Technology. Fees Must Fall student activist Bonginkosi Khanyile outside the buildings of the Union on Tuesday. Khanyile was convicted on 13 August for public violence in the Durban Regional Court.

Khanyile, accompanied by his mother, had hoped to issue a petition requesting forgiveness for all students who had been convicted for their activities during the Fees Must Fall movement. He said that he would sleep outside the Union buildings until Sunday

Joachim joined EFF & ground forces & # 39; from Gauteng and says that he comes to the Union Buildings purely out of frustration after his conviction for public violence.

"My mother is born again, my deceased father was a pastor, so where would I have learned violence?" Said Khanyile while his mother got a look of approval.

The Union buildings, usually relatively open to the public, had closed all ports for vehicles and pedestrians for most visitors. Only crowds of Chinese tourists were allowed through the pedestrian fences while the students protested against what they saw as a preferential treatment.

SAPS members deployed in the building took away the names of the leaders of the group, promising to pass on their message to the president's office.

Notwithstanding this gesture, several students left the group in search of mattresses and bedding.

Bonginkosi Khanyile and his mother prepared for at least one long and cold night in the open air, because Khanyile insists that he will not leave the area until he has an audience with President Ramaphosa.

When he installed himself in the evening, the image of the Union Building on the outstretched arms of Nelson Mandela Khanyile's only hope for absolution.

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