VIEW: Massive maul while UCT students fight for free money that falls through the air

The intent of DigsConnect was "always good" when the plan to release R10 notes on Thursday afternoon at the University of Cape Town (UCT), co-founder Greg Keal said.

This after the event caused something similar to a rush at Jammie Plaza of UCT when hundreds of students clashed to get hold of one of the many R10 tickets in the air.

Keal told Business Insider South Africa earlier that they were overwhelmed by the student's response when the campaign distributed R2 000 in R10 notes on Wednesday.

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On Instagram, students on Thursday shared how they had to fight to get the money, while others joked that they had chipped their nails and were bruised in the process.

Although some criticized the movement on social media as unpalatable, Keal said that there are always people who have negative things to say.

"But the good has surpassed the bad," said Keal.

"[The event] was a great success. Many positive reactions to social media – [the] plaza was full. & # 39;

DigsConnect, which describes itself as "the Airbnb of student housing", has already issued R3 000 in R10 banknotes last week to say "thank you" to customers.

The student rental, co-founded by the 23-year-old ex-UCT students Keal, Brendan Ardagh and Alexandria Procter, reached 2,000 entries in less than a year.

The plan was earlier to drop R10,000 from a building at UCT, but moved it to the square on the recommendation of the university.

On Twitter, writer Georgina Guedes criticized DigsConnect for their promotional campaign.

"In a country with endemic poverty and university students who have trouble feeding themselves, it is very difficult to have them bragged for money," tweeted Guedes.

"There are about 4 325 better things you could do with R10 000."

Meanwhile, Keal said, "I think the main reaction was that we were literally distributing free money."

He hoped that giving away R10,000 on Thursday would drive up unique browsers and lists on the DigsConnect website.

The startup also plans to work with the sales website OneDayOnly for giveaways in the next few weeks.

"At the moment our biggest focus is growth," Keal said. "More listings, more users, more interactions."

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