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VIEW: The boss of the post office celebrates the partnership with Sassa

JOHANNESBURG – The cooperation between the South African post offices and the social security agency SA (Sassa) was officially confirmed on Friday in what the chief of the post office described as a major intergovernmental partnership.

In a short interview after signing the partnership Mark Barnes, the post office director said: "I am very pleased with this deal, which shows that a partnership within the public service can be a good thing."

The post office said earlier that it had completed the upgrades to the national social grant system and that the upgrades would allow for the processing of subsidy payments.
Sassa agreed this week with an increase in the monthly costs that the post office would charge for carrying out the social fairs.

The post office said it had paid 97 percent of the 5.4 million recipients of social allowances using the new gold Sassa card and the payment continues at Sassa cash points in accordance with the payment schedule.

Sassa encouraged beneficiaries on Friday who still had to migrate to the new Sassa gold card to do so before 30 September at a local or post office of Sassa. Beneficiaries must have their old Sassa card and green ID card with barcodes or Smart Card to swap the old card for the new card.

Meanwhile, Sassa in Mpumalanga summoned all beneficiaries of grants who received their social allowances through banks or used a pin to withdraw their money using the new golden Sassa card or personal bank accounts to access their money from September 29th.

They have access to their money at all ATMs or retailers showing the Visa sign across the country.


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