VIEW: Threats to remove Solly Msimanga when chaos erupts at the meeting of the Council

Mayor Solly Msimanga is besieged by some who threatened to remove him from his position by submitting a no-confidence vote against him.

Msimanga said he had been warned to file a report with allegations of irregularities related to a multi-billion rand tender, awarded to an engineering firm called GladAfrica.

The relevant report concerned the city manager Dr Moeketsi Mosola, who had been proposed by Msimanga to be suspended for allegedly negligent supply chain management policies during the award of a tender to GladAfrica.

Msimanga said that threats against him were made on the eve of a meeting in the council chamber of Sammy Marks, where he was expected to submit the report.

He spoke with journalists in the margins of the chaotic council that was about threats to drive him away from his job.

The meeting on Wednesday degenerated into chaos when both the ANC and the EFF councilors threatened to remove the acting city administrator Lorette Tredoux, who is the city's officer in charge of the city.

Chaos in the council, when the EVF and ANC board members threatened to remove two municipal officials from the council chamber. Video: Rapula Moatshe

They wondered how Tredoux was installed in the position without their knowledge, proof of that.

Msimanga then filed a letter from the then city governor's office of 22 August, stating that Tredoux could act in the absence of the city manager.

Aldermen also went after the head of the legal service, Marna Kock, who accused him of conflicts in the case with Mosola.

They demanded that Kock leave the assembly and he left the council chamber after he was threatened with physical removal.

During an interview with journalists, Msimanga revealed that he was not disturbed by the kind of threats he received in the form of a letter.

"I received a very interesting letter last night about the intention of a vote of no confidence in me.

"This is the same when I was told not to submit this report today (Wednesday). (But) I said I insist (for submitting the report) because the name of the city and the party I represent take it of a huge beating, "he said.

Msimanga also questioned the motive behind such a veiled threat.

"Why do I receive a report stating that if you do not want to withdraw the report, there is a vote of no confidence against you?

"If there is a vote of no confidence, I will still be on principle, the motion can be served, if I am removed I will go to the audience with pride and stand up with my head and say that I am not in front of me. I have not protected the crime, and more importantly, I have not been bullied, "said Msimanga.

The meeting was continually perforated with delays that arose from disagreements between the council members as to whether the report should be dealt with in the absence of the media and public members or not.

Both the ANC and EFF Council members supported the proposal to bring the report to the full publicity of the media and members of the public, citing the fact that the case was known and was in the public interest.

However, the proposal of the ANC and EFF council members was rejected by council chairman Katlego Mathebe, Msimanga and some DA council members.

Those who opposed the proposal were of the opinion that the step to discuss the case in public would be illegal.

Mathebe said in terms of applicable law that an issue where an official is faced with allegations of financial offense should be dealt with in the committee, with the exception of the media and public members.

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