#WaterCrisis: Good news for the congested taxpayers in Cape Town

Cape Town – The city of Cape Town has announced that from October it will reduce water restrictions and tariffs to level 5 as a result of good rainfall, with dike levels rising to around 70 percent.

In a statement on Monday, the deputy mayor of the city, alderman Ian Neilson, said: "Water restrictions and the associated tariffs are therefore reduced conservatively to level 5 from 1 October 2018".

He said that the goal of water use will be increased from 50 to 70 liters per person per day.

"The daily collective consumption target will increase by 50 million to 500 million liters to ensure that water conservation efforts remain in place," Neilson said.

He said that the dams of the Western Cape water supply systems now have a capacity of 68%, a very significant improvement on the situation at the end of the previous winter when they had a capacity of 38%. This was during a drought so rare that it only has an estimated return period of 311 years.

"We beat the drought together, it is essential that there is an appropriate relaxation of the restrictions, not only to improve economic activity, but also to relax the water rates from the current high levels to give households the necessary tariff relief and companies in recognition of the great sacrifices that have been brought, "said the deputy mayor.

African news agency / ANA

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