Zimbo breaks SA wine auction record

  Joseph Dhafana

Joseph Dhafana

Natasha Chamba, Showbiz Reporter
A winemaker from ZIMBABWEAN, Joseph Dhafana, broke the wine auction record in South Africa after auctioning a box of six Mosi wines for R16 000.

The wines made by him were auctioned at the Solo Studios Intimate-Art Encounters event that was held in Riebeek Castle last Saturday.

The prize is registered as the highest price ever recorded in South Africa [19659006] In an interview, Dhafana, based in South Africa, said he was delighted.

"I'm thrilled when I broke the record last weekend, I've auctioned a vertical box of Mosi wines," he said.

The proceeds from the auction, Dhafana said, will be donated to charity and some will be sent to Zimbabwe.

"Fifty percent of the proceeds go to charity and I will certainly plow some of the money home." "I owe it to Zimbabwe because it fed me." If it's not for my country, I might never have it here. ", he said.

The 35-year-old started out as a gardener in South Africa after moving illegally from Zimbabwe in 2009. He is now a qualified wine judge and owns his own wine brand, Mosi Wines.

This is a major achievement for the black community as the wine industry is dominated by whites.

His rapid rise to one of the most recognizable young figures in the wine industry is nothing short of remarkable.

Currently a head sommelier (wine waiter) in La Colombe, Joseph is also a board member of the Black Cellar Club (BLACC) and captain of Team Zimbabwe who participated in the World Blind Wine Tasting Championships in Burgundy in 2017.

Team Zimbabwe managed to beat Italy during the match in Burgundy. Dhafana said that this year Team Zimbabwe will represent the country again in France on 13 October. – @queentauruszw

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