“Happy birth, my dear”: China Suárez paid tribute to Benjamín Vicuña on his birthday

Benjamin Vicuña He turned 42 on Sunday, November 29. Your partner, the China Suarez, posted a black and white image of the two. Both were dressed very formally. He was wearing a black suit, while the model wore a dark embroidered tulle dress. “Happy birth, my dear”, the actress wished him in the story.

In another story, they meet in a rural place and Vicuña chases the vehicle that China is in. The Chilean wears a gray poncho and sunglasses. The actor could not reach it and seems to give up for a moment. However, he enters at the end. “Let’s always laugh like that,” said the actress.

In another image, the couple embraces with their two older daughters, Rufina Y Magnolia. Later, the model shared an image of the cake, which is very original. It’s white, has a red curtain and the famous golden theater masks. You may see a sign that says “Happy Birthday Benjamin.”

In addition, they showed more details about the celebration. They had more food and desserts, as China uploaded videos of what she ordered for the party. “Today I ordered all vegetarian,” said the actress. A wide variety in the photos foods healthy: falafel, avocado ceviche, mango, empanadas and pear pie. In addition, they had cutlery with exclusive labels for the guests.

On the other hand, the actress has uploaded a video of her riding an ATV. The model had received that gift a few weeks ago. It may be assumed that this is a gift from Christmas Advanced. The family was recently very enthusiastic about the end-of-year celebrations. So much so that they have already put the Christmas tree together. In the images that Suárez published, she and her children helped decorate them.

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