Juan Darthés broke the silence after the complaint about rape: "If this is true, I am the first to kill myself"

Darthés: "I have not raped her" (Video: A24)

"It has not happened, it has never existed"He said about Thelma's accusation. And he said: "She knocked on the door of my room, I took her out of my room. & # 39; You're crazy! What's wrong with you? I am a big guy& # 39 ;, I said. My children were the same age as them. God! How can I do this? "He said that too it was the actress who was "insinuated", he tried to kiss him in the room, even though he was dating a friend, Juan Guilera, circumstance that the actor noticed more than once.

But why did the actress denounce it? "I do not know, she'll know, I do not know what happened to Thelma," she said, "I can assure you she knocked on the door of my room to change my card because it did not work."

Darthés: "She wanted to kiss me" (Video: A24)

"We went back on the plane," he continued, "I was not alone, there were the big ones: the parents of Brenda (Asnicar), from Laurita EsquivelThe producers, the people who cared for them. Nobody saw that ?! The next day we went back to the plane and I think Thelma was sitting next to me. If such a thing happened, would it be normal for us to all laugh the next day? Are we all so sick? We should not talk much more".

"I am dead, furious, with an incredible row", said the actor, who added that he had that "very dark thoughts" after the Fardín conference. "It's finished, I'm dead"he stated, both" civically "and in what refers to his artistic career." All I want is for people to know my truth: I have never raped or harassed anyone. "And minutes later he added:" If this is true, I am the first to kill myself, I am the first to condemn myself. & # 39;

Darthés and his presentation in Justice (Video: A24)

After he has made sure that it will be available to the Nicaragua District Court, where Fardín filed the complaint (& # 39; I have never deleted, I am here & # 39 ;, he said), he said that he did not knew who led to Ana Rosenfeld to submit his resignation. "I do not agree with what he did (Rosenfeld), but I understand and I told him it's okay, I can not force people to believe me."

In addition, Darthés announced that he has "evidence" that could exempt him, even though everything happened nine years ago. And asked for a reasoning: "If this was a lie, what Thelma says, what would happen because they would take me everywhere," he said, speaking of "100 women (by the collective Actresses Argentinas) say and approve things that are not true. "

The former actor of Simona, the fiction he led in the middle of the scandal about the accusation of Calu Rivero, he noticed his wife for 25 years, María Leoneand their two teenage children. "I want to take care of them, everything goes well with them, they are incredible creatures."

Darthés: "I am dead" (Video: A24)

An hour before this report (he explained that he had not spoken to medical advice before, because of "the media madness" that caused the violation report), Darthés first showed up with a message on his Twitter account. "I am deeply hurt and angry. There is no pain anymore", wrote the former protagonist of fiction Ugly duckling, in whose tour the alleged offense occurred to Fardín. In addition, he used that tweet to announce the interview with Viale. "(I have done it) to tell my truth, which is totally different from what was heard, but it is the truth," remarked Darthés.

This morning the actor was expected in court for an audience Calu Riveroin the event that his former partner started in Sweet love for "damage". He persecuted her because, according to his reasoning, he had "smeared his name and honor" when he accused him of abuse when recording sex scenes in the fiction of Telefe. Darthés, however, did not attend his appointment to the Justice Department.

Calu showed up and left the audience, where the parties disagreed (the trial will go ahead), the actress said: "Today is a day in which the woman has finally won." Then he repeated what sounded great on Tuesday at the Multiteatro, at the conference of Thelma Fardín, convened by the collective Actresses Argentina: "It is not no, look at how we put ourselves".

Here the full interview of Mauro Viale with Juan Darthés:

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