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Justice has authorized young people from Buenos Aires to register online

In the last days, The National Electoral Chamber (CNE) has decided to extend the period for the publication of the provisional registers to 29 May. One of the reasons was the claim of various political leaders who warned of many young people between 16 and 18 years old They were not included in the register, so they were not suitable for voting.

The definitive list will be published on July 12. Although it was previously stipulated that the procedure to be included in the register must be done in person in the city of Buenos Aires and online or by telephone in every province of the country, a judicial resolution acknowledged the claim and ordered the same national method to be used in the Buenos Aires area.

In this way, the CABA federal justice ruling stated that young people who are not in the register can be effectively entered through a online process.

The federal judge Sebastián Ramos It stated: "It is announced to the Superior of the Charter, in agreement with the head of this Court, that on this occasion – and without prejudice to the distances of this city, the citizen can move to this headquarters to consult / claim of face-to-face mode the online claim system can be enabled for this constituency in accordance with the request. "

From the electoral room they explained Infobae Which Claims may only be made by those who have processed the new DNI and updated their address before 30 April. Those who initiated these procedures at a later date will not be included in the register.

The measure has a generalized nature among young people who turn 16 before 27 October of this year and among 18-year-olds. This age group can do any consultation and the relevant procedure in the election secretariat, as is the case in the rest of the country.

Young people who are younger than 16 years old before the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primary (STEP) and meet that age prior to the general election, They are entered in the register and can vote on both dates (on condition that they have their DNI and updated address).

The claim was submitted by the PTS-FIT delegates Myriam Bregman and Nicolás Del Caño, who also asked Justice that young people can renew their DNI for free. With regard to this proposal, the Court has announced that it will analyze it later.

The final list for the general elections will be published on 27 September and the places and polling stations will be released on 12 October. Locations and polling stations are announced on 27 July.

The step will be held on August 11; October 27 will be the general election, where 130 seats are also being renewed in the Chamber of Deputies and 24 in senators, while the final vote will take place on November 24.

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