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María Belén Torres: psychological consequences for life chronicle

María Belén Torres, the young woman who was deformed by the anesthesiologist Gerardo Billiris assured herself that the defendant "I knew what I was doing " and that he wanted to kill her when he attacked her in his apartment in the Buenos Aires district of Palermo in 2017. At the door of the federal courts of Comodoro Py 2002, before the anesthesiologist said his last words, the young woman told the press that she was waiting "Justice" and what do you want with that? "close a phase" of his life.

The girl questioned the arguments of the defense of Billiris, who asked for his acquittal because he was drugged at the time of the attack and could not carry out his actions, and asked to explain "what he did to the other girls" who also denounced.

"Of course he wanted to kill me, what he wanted to do was rap me, he didn't understand when he was going to kill me "said Torres, who went to court with his father. "You have to give a vision for the future, leave something behind for the girls who come, this man does not have to leave, it is very serious when it comes out and is free ", he added.

The young woman said that the only time she saw Billiris again after the November 8 attack was when she went to testify and accidentally crossed it. "VI'll be there, I'll hear it ", Torres added, assuring that psychological consequences will last "for life".

"No one is going to take them out, I look in the mirror and I remember everything that happened to me"Bethlehem concluded that she was accompanied by her family from the beginning.

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