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New prisoner for the double crime of Olivares and Yadón: there are seven suspects

Last week minister Patricia Bullrich pointed to a press conference the existence of other henchmen in the plot behind the double crime by deputy Héctor Olivares and the official Miguel Yadón, who has already accused six detainees of killing with treason.

Police sources confirmed that during the morning of today Infobae the detention of a seventh suspect, a Brazilian citizen with an Argentine DNI named Castro Iglezias Montoya, who used a light gray Volkswagen Passat on the day of the event and that would have met with the owner of the Volkswagen Vento from where shots were fired at officials and one of the main suspects, Juan Jesús Fernández, "El Gitano", on the evening of the crime, in the midst of a previous alcohol consumption.

Iglezias Montoya, 59 years old, with address in Rodríguez Peña Street, He has been the owner of the Passat since January 2015 according to official data. He is accused of concealment. & # 39; He was reunited with everyone before the fact. he hid his phone. He was asked to stop there, "says a source close to the case.

The arrest was made by the Assassination Division of the PFA. Bullrich pointed out in his lecture a white car They took the security camera & # 39; s that passed the Vento before they started taking pictures. The new prisoners, sources agree, It is not linked to this vehicle.

On the other hand, sources in the Justice and security forces speculate with a possible one transfer to the land of Juan José Navarro Cádiz, "El Cebolla", indicated by the other defendants in the case as the shooter who killed Olivares and Yadón of the Volkswagen Vento.

The transfer, which depends on Uruguayan justice, would take place in a private PFA plane from the city of Paysandú, where Navarro Cádiz – in whose apartment on the street of Montevideo he found the murder weapon, a .40 caliber pistol – was arrested the day after the crime.

However, two high springs said today at the end of the morning: "Nothing confirmed it, the transfer is not yet ready."

Upon arrival, Navarro Cádiz – who has no criminal record in the city of Buenos Aires, both in the ordinary and federal courts – must declare as the alleged perpetrator of a double manslaughter exacerbated by betrayal before the judge of the case, Mariano Iturralde and the public prosecutor Estela Andrades.

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