The new KTM 390 Adventure arrived in Salta

November 30, 2020 – 3:29 AM
The bikes can be viewed at the Kevin Benavídes dealer.

The new flagship model of KTM motorcycles is already in Salta. Without a doubt, the KTM 390 Adventure will be a flagship for adventure enthusiasts and the trail segment. Although it can be thought of as a “starter” to open the horizon on routes, tracks and trails, it is above all refined and powerful.

No one is better than Kevin Benavídes to bring the brand new product of the prestigious Austrian brand to his country. The new units are on display at the KTM dealer of the multi-champion motorcycle from Salta, located at Hipólito Yrigoyen 743.

The motorcycle inherits several traits from “members of the family” with regard to its design and aesthetics. It sticks to Extreme and Purity’s KTM mode with a purposeful and functional set of lines.

The 390 Adventure has its own identity. It enters the segment strongly in terms of strength and weight, but it also stands out with style that comes straight from the bigger Adventure line sisters and KTM 450 Rally skins.

The new Adventure has the same trellis frame structure derived from the Rally with the same combination of flexibility and stiffness, removable subframe and swingarm.

Features like the LED headlight reduce the bike’s profile and provide aggressive-looking ergonomics around the tank. Low seat and sturdy panels provide superior control and comfort.

“The price-quality ratio is unbeatable,” he explains The stand Norberto Benavídes, an authorized word to talk about motorcycles. “KTM stands for durability and reliability. These bikes stand out because they practically never go to the workshop,” said the businessman.

Still, Fernando Pereyra, General Manager of Benavídes Motos, recalled that the dealer has all after-sales service and that all KTM motorcycles come with a two-year and unlimited mileage warranty, another example of the brand’s reliability. .


In terms of technological equipment, the KTM 390 Adventure comes with a lot of tools for the pilots. One is the “TC” traction control, a lean-sensitive system with throttle valves that control optimal slip.

It has the ABS Off-road braking system, which provides better braking control on various terrains and the ability to lock the rear wheel to control skidding. It also has active cornering ABS, allowing users to use the full power of the brakes at different lean angles.

Above the wheel is a 5-inch color display that adapts to the ambient light and includes a clear and redesigned menu system. The information at a glance is customizable and everything can be done with a switch on the left handlebar. Maps and directions for turn-by-turn guidance can be downloaded via Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. Phone calls and music can also be controlled from the screen.

The 390 Adventure is assembled at the KTM factory in the city of Campana in Buenos Aires. More than 50 people are fully involved in the production of this model, including Argentine spare parts.

The careful selection of the latest generation liquid-cooled, 44hp single cylinder, 373cc 4-stroke engine was instrumental in shaping the versatile personality of the KTM 390 Adventure. The stability and power delivery give satisfaction to every driver, but also the excellent fuel economy for driving up to 430 kilometers with a tank of 14.5 liters.

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