The works of the Nuclear Medicine Center in San Juan are progressing

The Department of Architecture, belonging to the Ministry of Public Works and Services of the Province, is working on the infrastructure requested by the Ministry of Health with regard to the civil works required for the installation of the diagnostic imaging equipment PET / CT. The work, located on the available land of the former Spanish hospital, in Capital, shows an implementation progress of 29%.

The Center for Nuclear Medicine will be a health center with advanced technology. In this way, San Juan will become part of an exclusive group of provinces that have nuclear medicine. It has the approval of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN), the backing of the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), and the Foundation School of Nuclear Medicine (FUESMEN).

2020-11-25 PUBLIC WORKS AND SERVICES: We improve health through work

The total area of ​​this work is 868.80 m2 and will include the following areas: office, toilets, support, physics room, doctor’s room and administrative area. Located in a corner of the building, the center will have a comfortable waiting room and reception area. It will also have a dry square next to a recess that will serve as an extension. In addition, it will have spaces where radioactive material will be handled, such as an injector, hot chamber, console and equipment, for which they require special preparation from a radiation protection point of view, with specific constructions for this purpose. Finally, the center will have an engine room, a depot and a sector for pathogenic waste.

As for the materials, the walls and panels are made of HºAº and painted with epoxy paint. The floors are made of rubber and plates and frames are insulated with lead. It will have a fractionating direct view screen, three horizontal wall transfers and a decay bunker. In the rest of the building, the reinforced concrete structure, like the slabs. The metal roofs are constructed from a thermal panel. The walls are made of reinforced brick, plastered internally with jaharro and plastered with lime. On the outside, plastic cladding with integrated color is used and Hunter Douglas metal cladding type TILE is only used in the volume in which the entrance and the hall are integrated. The coverings in the sanitary buildings are fitted with ceramic tiles up to ceiling height. The carpentry will be done in aluminum and the furniture in MDF with melamine as indicated in the plans. All glass is safe according to the specifications in the technical specifications. The floors are made of granite mosaic according to technical specifications and must be polished on site. The skirting boards are of the same type as the floors. Inside the building, the walls and ceilings are painted with semi-matt synthetic enamel as indicated on the building cards. Finally, sanitary, electrical and security installations must be carried out in accordance with current regulations.

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