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This is the only thing that Laurita Fernández Cabré cooks

Coexistence brings good and bad things. Laurita said she can't cook well and that she only uses an electronic device, at least she recognizes it.


They are one of the pairs of the moment. Laurita Fernández and Nico Cabré live a movie romance, but some things happen. According to the actress, she doesn't know how to cook, but in the microwave she can cook something with her partner, and luckily … she loves it!

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Laurita he confessed in "Corta por Lozano": "I don't like cooking. Zero. Fortunately, Nico is cooking. I did well there, ha ha. I only do one thing … I make a small egg in the microwave.". And then he explained the production process: "You take a regular cup of coffee, spray it with oil, throw the egg and put it in the microwave for between 20 and 30 seconds. I then grab a toast and put avocado, cheese, I send the egg and it looks spectacular out. That's all I do … "


recently Laurita He remembered for the first time that he crossed paths with Cabre: "We are both from Mataderos and many years ago I saw him rent a movie. I was 10 years old and 20, and my father told me: & Laura, don't look at it because celebrities have a life too. & # 39; "

And the story went on: "At Sugar we were on stage, but we had no relationship with that. Maybe it had to do with what they told me: & # 39; save with Cabré & # 39 ;. And besides, I was in a couple at the time. Something happened to us in a scene, one of the last functions, and we started talking because of a misunderstanding. In the last show I didn't feel well and had a fever and when we were done Nico came to me in the dressing room and there was a romantic approach. During the hours I went on vacation and that week we talked a lot and when I came back we saw each other. The first date laughed because I had green hair. It was blurred because I stepped into a pool with a lot of chlorine and they told me to use ketchup to get my color back. It was worse. I had to tie my hair and put on lots of perfume (laughs). From there we no longer divorce. "

About the possibility of being a mother, Laurita he said: "I would like to formalize and have children. I want and I feel that I have found who I want to do with … but not now."

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