Unfortunately the image of the ball floating on Xbox Series X is fake (and it destroyed the illusion)

Looks like Xbox Series X and its ventilation has become the talk of the town on social media. Along with the images that allow the console to burn internally and their respective memes, another photo has roamed the network with great repercussions.

As seen in the picture, apparently Xbox Series X would be able to lift a ping pong ball placed vertically, as it appeared on Reddit. It was user SnowFlakesMilkHoney who first posted the image, although he didn’t answer questions about the settings needed to produce that concept.

Xbox seriesx floating table tennis 1

Trick or Treating?

The resolution of the image does not help to clear doubts, but to enlarge them more. Finally, another Reddit user posted a photo that looks like he posted it a small metal base between the cells, can be placed hidden under the ball.

Xboxseriesx Floating Ping Pong Debunk 1

It seemed like a trick more than anything else.

Despite everything, he probably believed it was physically possible. The air that gave off Xbox Series X must have a low pressure level, which, along with the high-pressure air in the chamber, would help lift the ball.

In any case, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are already on the market, and if you haven’t purchased a device yet, our buying guide will definitely walk you through the process.


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