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# YoCríoSola: the women supported Jimena Barón and shared their stories about single mothers

"Goosebumps #YoCrioSola TT number 1. What happens to women is wonderful, absolute admiration when reading their stories., Jimena Barón tweeted after the women came out to show their support in that social network in the aftermath of the media war with their ex, Daniel Osvaldo, and tell their own stories about single mothers.

Enough of so many aggressions, Jimena decided to end the confrontation and wrote: "I had a very bad day yesterday, not today. #YoCrioSola". What he could never have foreseen is that this hashtag would be used as "fighting horse"for those women who are experiencing similar situations with her and who have to share to heal wounds.

Although there are women today who choose to be "mothers and fathers at the same timeand to raise their children alone, there are others who for various reasons – be it a death, divorce or abandonment – they had no choice and it is complicated to get ahead without the help of the father.

The messages that flooded Twitter are mobilize and move. Identify the power of many women who had adversity and were able to continue motherhood with the help of their families.

"It was the greatest pleasure of my life to raise you, I was lucky to have the great help of my grandmother, and today my chest is blown up to see the beautiful woman you became. I bet on a family and it went wrong, he lost, we won #YoCrioSola, "said one of the users supporting the actress.

The examples are unnecessary and most of them emphasize that The only thing that cannot be compensated is the lack of love on the part of the parent. "# YoCríoSola to a son of 16. Difficult to compensate for the emotional absence, the economic one, I always succeeded, thanks to my parents I was able to work, but it is difficult for a boy to have self-respect when one of the parents are not interested in anything, "another wrote.

Many emphasize the help they receive from grandparents to raise their children and comply with all obligations that the upbringing of a child entails. "YoCrioSola except for the constant support of my parents, without them I could not go to work and not continue my career, or keep my daughter for a year in which I had no salary, never a food allowance! The outside …", said one of the tweets with more than 300 "I like".

In a similar way and with emphasis on family restraint, one of the writings warned: "I am a single mother, my daughter has my last name and I only think in her birth certificate, is it ideal? No. But that is what we have and We are happy with our family of two, there is no father, but there are grandparents, uncles and cousins ​​who give love. #YoCrioSola.

The funny thing is that too There were many men who supported Jimena Barón in this tweeted and media war. "MALES: hang on to the #Yocriosola hashtag to get an idea of ​​what we never need to be," one of them said.

"My old: 3 children, she works all day, she goes for her third title, all her alone, years ago, I have a father but it was a great #YoCrioSola, I love her," another Twitter recalled user.

According to data from the National Institute for Women, almost one in ten houses in Argentina has only one person in charge. Of that mass, 85% of households are led by a woman.

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