Tesla was about to die, according to Elon Musk

In this picture it appears that Musk says that Tesla was "so close" to death, but the image has no connection with the text.
Image: AP.

2018 was a particularly complicated year for Elon Musk. The executive has starred in many newspaper headlines for saying things he should not have (but says it was worth it), strange gossip of their romantic relationships and more. Musk now admits that his esteemed company in the field of electric cars was about to die.

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In an interview with Axios, Musk said that the company dumped money in a ridiculously accelerated way & # 39 ;, causing them to be very close to death. According to Elon Musk:

"Tesla was confronted with a real death threat due to the production problems of Model 3. The company quickly bled money, and if we did not see and solve these problems quickly, we would die, we did it, but it was very difficult to achieve. "

The interviewer asks him after his remarks how close they are to death, whereupon the head of Tesla (although no longer the chairman) said: "it was a matter of a few weeks". After he admitted that Tesla's situation was much worse than his ever-active Twitter account, Musk admitted that he spent a lot of time working around 100 hours a week, from Monday to Sunday, sleeping in the Model 3 factory and to do everything within your reach to speed up production and solve problems.

Tesla was about to fail to deliver on the promise of distribution of Model 3 because of some problems in the production line of the car. However, some risky decisions by Musk, such as the inexplicable tweet that has cost him the presidency of Tesla, also put the company in serious jeopardy.

Now it seems that the worst has passed, but there is undoubtedly still much to do, especially when the spread of the Model 3 remains a bit slow and Musk said some time ago that in 2020 the production of the Tesla Model Y would start, in addition to his plans for the truck and for the new generation Roadster. [Axios (HBO) vía Jalopnik]

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