The best cross between Natalie Weber and a member of the jury: "You say everything, I do not bother …"

The participant, Natalie Weber, was one of the low profile participants, however, after the controversy with Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, he woke up and now he has several clashes, especially with participants and juries Dancing in 2018.

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On this occasion, and as in the free rhythm, the model could not dance for injury and her place was taken by Mariela "Chipi" Anchipibut the decision of the replacement does not like the whole jury, and Marcelo Polino, I do not hide his discomfort and destroy the participant.

"It seems very unfair that they have placed a professional dancer to replace a girl who does not know how to do something. It is almost the worst of the game and they put on one of the best dancers who experienced this song. I think it's a fan", Polino expressed.

After the statements of the journalist, Natalie became furious and replied: "To tell me that I do nothing seems aggressive to me"Almost nothing", the sharp jury corrected, but the reaction to the controversy and the cross between the two went on.

"Your figures were always good, I do not know what you use to say that. The replacement was decided by production, not by me. You say everything. I do not mess with your laburo, "said Mauro Zrate's wife, but Polino did not like his answer and added:"I am supported by 11 years. We did not know your name from you, a month and a half ago"condemned the driver of the show's specialists.

Without reaching an agreement, Weber points: "We are both people, you are no longer a waltz. You attack me. To say that you do not know me, not to do nothing. "To close the strong confrontation between the two, Polino went for more and answered vigorously:" I've known you since you started the race and I tell you as a participant, besides La Chipi you do not know how to do something. And I'm holding it. It is not aggression, it is my opinion as a jury. Your previous ones are embolic and redeem little, "he concluded.

I saw the confrontation between the jury and the participant:

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