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A gas pipeline under construction near Lago Puelo would have been attacked by RAM

Yesterday evening the group that has left the inscriptions of the RAM has set fire to the affected machines during the construction of the Cordillerano gas pipeline, which will connect 22,000 users in 25 cities in the provinces of Chubut, Río Negro and Neuquén, according to the official information that was used Infobae. It was not yet possible to determine how many people participated in the attack, nor was it possible to verify that it was indeed the Mapuche group, because there were no witnesses to the attack.

It happened in the neighborhood of Lago Puelo, in El Hoyo, on Route 40, north of the Mapuche Cushamen community, where the companies Contreras Hermanos and Víctor Contreras are installed for the construction of the gas pipeline which is considered to be of great importance for the area. Once the work is completed, the operation is carried out by the company Camuzzi.

The companies that suffered damage through the attack are medium-sized and have suffered a serious injury since the machines were unused and now they have to buy them at the market price. The Retro320 sells today for USD 320,000 and the motor grader Cat 140, for USD 195,000according to sources from the Energy Secretariat, the body that awarded the works. The incident was at night, when there was no company staff, so the circumstances are unknown. Previously, there was no conflict, so there were no security guards.

The Cordillerano is a complex of two parallel "bypass" types that go from the main gas line to more remote areas, plus a compressor plant in the Senguer river and a series of gas supplies to, among others, Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes and El Bolsón.

Official sources assured that the conflict in the area it is through the countries of Vaca Muerta and they assume that now the top of the G20 presidents begins, there will be less pressure from the gendarmerie in the area.

different In recent months, there have been attacks in the area, where RAM inscriptions have always been left behind and ask for the freedom of Facundo Jones Huala, who was imprisoned in Chile since September, where he was extradited by Argentina.

In fact, prosecutors from the provinces of Neuquén, Chubut and Río Negro joined together to set up a unified criminal prosecution police to combat the criminological phenomenon of RAM (Mapuche Ancestral Resistance), according to the agreement. they have signed.

"The RAM exists, as do some ridiculous groups that use violence to impose their ideas," they say in this text, and acknowledge that little progress has been made in the research so far.

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