a grandfather embarked on the train and handed out 200 notes!

A grandfather distributed 200 peso notes to the passengers of the Sarmiento train, en route to the province of Moreno in Buenos Aires, and the unusual gesture immediately became viral on social networks.

said a witness.

According to one passenger, the old man boarded a woman in a car on the train in Sarmiento this Friday and began to issue bills that had been packed into papers containing a message. Every time a passenger ignored him, the grandfather smiled and said: "God bless him."

Those who took the small page, they found a 200 peso note and a peculiar message: "Ladies and gentlemen passengers, I invite you to share this experience, the opposite of the excessive ambition and indifference that So much damage to beings that we want to be human is the habit of giving without expecting anything back. "

He continued: " The little or much that we give without expecting anything ambio helps us to live better, practice it! "

The unusual fact surprised the passengers, who followed the request of the man and shared his experience.

A young woman told our environment: " The man was with tears in his eyes, he told a young woman, "It is up to you to spend as you please." He was accompanied by a woman. He told us that the man only wanted to help. "

He added via Facebook: " I was on the Sarmiento train to university, like every day, but today it was different. he gave all passengers a note and 200 pesos, nobody understood anything, we all looked at each other, many thought he was crazy or that he was not good. "

He explained: " I was going to tell him that I could not accept it. and his response was: "Give it away, I went on with what I started, I learned like a girl". [1] 9459006] He also said that when he was asked why he did it, the man answered "because it makes me happy".

Another girl who received the note said: "Today I was back from Merlo to Moreno and something happened to me that is not common at all." A man passed the train and handed out money and a piece of paper. He can give his money to make another person happy. "

Meanwhile another witness stated:" I was in the car, I thought the man asked for a collaboration, when people did not accept his role, he said "God bless you & # 39; ; with a huge smile. "

The story was published in a Facebook group of people who visit the Sarmiento train and was confirmed by witnesses.

Source: crónica.com.ar

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