A huge teacher claims the return to parity

Tens of thousands of teachers marched yesterday Ministry of Education from the Nation to Congress, in the context of the national strike for 24 hours, convened by the main trade union federations of the sector, with the demand for improvements in wages, buildings and employment and study opportunities, under the slogan "Education is in danger."

They also did it to demand immediate clarification of the abduction and torture it was victim last Wednesday Corina Debonis, teacher of Moreno municipality Moreno, where two weeks ago two other teachers were killed by a gas explosion at the school where they taught.

The march in which thousands of teachers participated Sarmiento Palace, seat of education, until the Congress, where an action was taken, was called by the National Confederation of Education Workers (Ctera), the Confederation of university teachers (Conadu) and the Argentine union of private teachers (Sadop).

The strike also coincided yesterday with the second day of the strike that paralyzed schools in the province of Buenos Aires, with the demand for the reopening of paritarias.

In addition to the reopening of paritarias in the province and in the city ​​of Buenos Aires, governed by Cambiemos, The strike and the march had to demand the return to a national parity. The teachers marched to Congress to request the sanction of five bills: repeal of the decree of the President Mauricio Macri that eliminated national parity, the guarantee of minimum infrastructure conditions in schools, the university budget, scholarships from universities and faculty, and stimulation of teachers.

During the act for the Congress, the head of the Buenos Aires teachers of the FEB, Mirtha Petrocini, said "we are not afraid" and called for "struggle, more struggle, more struggle". He referred to the abduction and torture of the teacher of Moreno, after paying tribute to Sandra Calamano and Rubén Orlando Rodríguez, killed in the same municipality by a gas leak in a school.

"We want budget"

"It is a strike to tell it Government of Macri we want budget for the Education"He said in turn Catter holder, Sonia Alesso. The leader supported the accounts that are in Congress "Defend the education budget, the National Teacher Incentive Fund (whose disappearance is foreseen in the Budget 2019 as part of the adjustment), retirement and scholarships for our children. "

The march took place simultaneously with the opposition's attempt to hold a special session deputies to discuss the situation of the educational and scientific system, but was frustrated because it did not meet the required quorum: 122 of the 129 needed. In this way the ruling party managed to stop the debate in which the opposition, led by the Front for Victoria PJ, aimed at the restitution of national teacher parity.

In addition to Kirchnerism, the session was promoted by members of the Interbloque Argentina Federal, Frente Renovador, Movimiento Evita, Front of the Left and Justicialist Unit of San Luis.

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