A leader of Cambiemos condemned Estela de Carlotto for discrimination in the Inadi

The owner of Grandmothers or Plaza de Mayo had mistrustfully refused the writings of the bribes with the question how a driver could have that perfect writing Source: Archive

Yamil Santoro, political leader related to Cambiemos, relizó this afternoon in the Inadi a complaint against the president of
Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo,
Stele by Carlotto. He accused her of discrimination because of her statements yesterday in connection with the cause of the
notebooks of bribery.

When he was asked yesterday about the cause of bribery in public works that began to reveal itself with the notebooks written by
Oscar Centeno, the director of
Roberto Baratta – right hand of
Former Minister of Planning Julio de Vido-, Carlotto disputed the authenticity of the scriptures of the scriptures: "I doubt that a director will have such a perfect writing?"

The leader of human rights, A great affinity at the moment with the Kirchner government, he added regarding the notebooks and Centeno: "He had no spelling errors, he had a perfect score and he is a half-spoken person. "

These statements were not indifferent to Santoro, founder of the Improvement Party – attracted in the ranks of the ruling party Cambiemos – who appeared this morning before the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi) to lodge a complaint. serve against the owner of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo for "discrimination".

The withdrawal from the Inadi, the leader posted on his Twitter account: "I have just condemned the @inadi Estela de Carlotto for his discriminatory statements against directors in particular (including my father is a smuggler) and, in general, against people from low-income or higher-educated houses. "

The reactions for and against the decision of the young Cambiemos leader did not last long. in overcrowded social networks, making Santoro a national trend.

"The search to defend Cristina despite corruption has led to (Carlotto) showing the thread, a negative and derogatory view of the laburantes", says in a self-recorded video the former secretary of the Young Pro.

Here too Santoro says what he is looking for with his complaint: "I hope that Estela de Carlotto is sensitive to which drivers can write jobs."

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