A message of encouragement from Macri to legislators

The president with deputies and senators of change, last night in the fifth of Olivos Credit: Presidency

He received them in the front room of the budget debate; they also met with Minister Dujovne

House of Government, Ministry of Education, presidential fifth of Olivos. Cambiemos 'deputies and senators yesterday toured several power scenarios, looking for answers on the future of the economy "to keep giving the face" for a complex scenario that raises concerns and complaints from Prosecutors' legislators of Pro motivates: UCR and, to a lesser extent, the CC-ARI.

The first appointment was after 11 am, when the Minister of Finance,

Nicolás Dujovne
, the legislators received in the Zuidzaal of the House of Government. In just over an hour, the Minister of Finance described an analysis of the situation and its prospects, with an emphasis on external factors (drought, American devaluation, crisis in Turkey) that affected the local economic storm. "How good we were when we were wrong," Dujovne quipped, regarding the figures that the economy exhibited until April. "They were great, but nobody said anything," he complained.

Before the questions of the radical representatives of the federal solidarity fund, which was abolished by decree and angered many provinces, Dujovne acknowledged that he was part of a package "that we wanted to omit from the discussion" with the provincial authorities for the 2019 budget. As in the Cabinet meeting, Dujovne predicted that the year will end with a "slight contraction" of the economy, about 0.5 to 1 negative point. He added, before other consultations, that inflation will remain high, but that "it will have a tendency to fall" by the last quarter of this year. He predicted that the agreement with the PJ on the next year's budget "is on track" and stressed that the markets are on track to be standardized, as is evident from the LETE renewal vision this week. "We were not satisfied with much," they confirmed.
THE NATION of the radical block.

Cambiemos' deputies and senators arrived at the Pizzurno Palace at 4 pm, where the Minister of Education, Alejandro Finocchiaro, waited for them. The conflict in the universities was one of the topics discussed, which coincided with one of the concerns of the radicals. "The truth is that the increase they received (5.8%) does not stop," a member of the Macrista caudus acknowledged.

At nightfall, the deputies and senators arrived at the presidential fifth of Olivos.

After several months of strong parliamentary intensity, the president brought all Cambiemos legislators together with two objectives: heal wounds and send an encouraging message in the preparatory debate on the budget, one of the priorities of

. "The change has roots deeper than the economy, we build the foundation: there is a future", the president emphasized for the legislators.

The UCR front page had insisted on the need for changes in two axes: an "inclusive leadership" that explains to the population and an agreement with the PJ that guarantees "governability".

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