A passenger divides money into the train

An elderly man distributed 200 peso notes to the passengers on the Sarmiento train, on their way to Moreno, and the unusual gesture went viral on social networks. It offers the money packed in a newspaper with a certain message.

According to the testimony of the witnesses, the old man stepped on the railroad on Friday with a woman and began distributing money in paper. Every time a passenger ignored him, the grandfather smiled and said, "God bless him."

Those who took the small sheet, found a ticket and the following message: "Ladies and gentlemen passengers, I invite you to share this experience, the opposite of excessive ambition and indifference, which is so damaging to beings that we want to be human is the practice of giving without expecting anything in return. " " What little or much We give without expecting anything in return, it helps us to live better. "Practice it!"

The incredible episode surprised the passengers, who responded to the Lord's request and shared their experiences. "The silver was wrapped in paper, we all thought he needed some cooperation," said one witness

"The man was with tears in his eyes, he told a young woman," it is up to you to spend as you please. "He was accompanied by a woman who told us that the Lord only wanted to help, "told a young man.

When she h em asked the reason why he did it, he replied: because it makes me happy.

The story went viral in social networks.

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