A pit bull bit the thief who tried to steal the house of his owners

A pit bull fulfilled the task: he defended his owners against the attack of a thief. When the clock stood four and a half past nine in the morning, an attacker crossed the gate of a house in the Mar del Plata neighborhood in Belgrano. I did not hear a sound because the owner of the farm slept. But the one who was awake was the dog, biting his leg, leaving a big wound that prevented him from moving alone, and that was an important time for the police to arrest him.

After the call to 911, the staff of the Comando de Patrullas Sur arrived at a house in the street Crewmen of the Fournier at 11,600, where a young man of 20 years old had been attacked by the house dog. "The wounded lay in the garden with a clear injury in the lower part of the left leg twin caused by a look", said a police source.

The owner of the house confirmed to the police that she was asleep when she was awakened by the barking of the family dog. When he looked at the patio of the house, he saw that the pit bull bit a person hanging from the fence trying to escape from the house, calling the Central Emergency immediately.

The medical personnel who arrived here treated the wounded and ordered his transfer to the Interzonale General de Agudos Hospital. When the rigorous procedure was carried out in the eleventh police station, the bureau of flagrant delicto in turn ordered the formation of a case for aggravated robbery by escalation provisionally.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog breed originally from the United States, which was forged from bull and terriers imported from the United Kingdom in the 19th century. They were used as fighting dogs until they were banned in 1976.

Pitbulls are currently in the process of tracking down narcotics, in safety services, as pets and as prey in wild boar.

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