A teenager died and four wounded after a crash in General Alvear

One teenager died and four wounded is the balance of a high-speed crash on trunk road 188 near La Mora in General Alvear.

The road incident It happened last night minutes before 20 on kilometer 720 and involved an Amarok truck and a VW Gol.

According to police information, both vehicles drove in the direction of Alear and the truck hit the car from behind.

Impact product both vehicles were destroyed and the young woman died almost immediately.

The Amarok was led by Edgardo David Fernández with his house in the city of Campaña, Buenos Aires as long as the VW Gol was under the command of Franco Ferreira from General Alvear.

The wounded were transferred to the hospital Enfermeros Argentinos. A 49-year-old woman was admitted with a trauma to the face, thorax and abdomen, cuts, abrasions, deeply cut wounds in the pelvis and also the right thigh.

A 60-year-old man with mild polytraumatism, another 84-year-old man with multiple injuries, plus a fracture of the thigh and pelvis and finally a 59-year-old man with multiple polytraumatisms.

No GSM signal

Apparently the rescue of the wounded lasted long, the area where the tragic accident took place has no mobile coverage, so that the travelers have to keep traveling to see what has happened in order to warn the authorities.

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