A video shows how a young man was attacked at a bus stop in Guaymallén

Two men They were captured by Guaymallén security cameras when, threatening him with a knife, they stole the belongings of an 18-year-old who was at the bus stop on the street Gomensoro. The images also recorded that those who passed by could see the incident, but did not intervene to defend the victim.

The attack It happened this Friday at 7.40 in the corner of The streets Paula Albarracín and Gomensoro, in the Guaymallén department.

In the photo's made by security cameras in the area, a young man identified as K.A.M goes quietly to the bus stop. Meanwhile, and as a prelude to what is going to happen, you see two subjects of 22 and 27 years waiting for the arrival of their victim to tackle it.

One of them surprised him first by taking him in the back while threatening him with a knife. Meanwhile, eThe accomplice starts stealing your things: a wallet, the mobile phone, the subscription and finally the footwear.

As reported by the Ministry of Security, thanks to the registration of security cameras & # 39; s the two criminals were arrested at the intersection of Malvinas Argentinas and Gomensoro and identified as N.G. (22) and B.P. (27).

After the corresponding claim the officers found all stolen elements under the suspect's items earlier.

The weapon that was used for the crime was found shortly thereafter after a rake in the surrounding streets.

The Fiscal Office Number 8 intervenes in the incident.

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