After four years as a fugitive, they have detained the announcer, repressor of the dictator Carlos Luis Carvallo in Posadas.

After four years as a fugitive, they have detained the announcer, repressor of the dictator Carlos Luis Carvallo in Posadas.

The journalist was searched since 2014 in the context of a case in which crimes against humanity were investigated. The journalist and radio presenter Carlos Carvallo was missing since 2014 and was accused of kidnapping and torture in Paraná, during the last dictatorship, when he was the agent of the police of Entre Ríos and a secret service. The arrest was made by staff of the Airport Security Police in a house in the Santa Rita district of Posadas, owned by his sister.

Carvallo hid in Misiones, pretended he forgot his past and was the star representative of FM Show for years. He was a member of the Directorate of Investigations gang during the last civil-military dictatorship and agent of the Intelligence Battalion 601. Since November 2014, he was a fugitive leader after Judge Leandro Ríos commissioned his imprisonment after a former political prisoner He will point out on the person who kidnapped and tortured him in the police station of El Brete, in Paraná.

The last public activity he had in Misiones was to conduct a sporting event, hours before he escaped. That afternoon I was already nervous and fled the photo 's. He knew they were looking for him and that is why he disappeared from Garupá.

It was suspected that he was in Paraguay or Brazil.

Spy, informer and torturer

In the official documentation, Carlos Luis Gomez Carvallo, National Identity Document number 11.418.228, is on the payroll of civilian employees of Intelligence Battalion 601, order 2034 of Foja No. 38, corresponding to Area 212, Detachment 122, with jurisdiction in the Province of Santa Fe.

He acted as the agent of the meeting & # 39; and his mission was to infiltrate trade unions, universities and political and civil society organizations, gather information and discover people that fit the figure of subversives & # 39; These espionage tasks were carried out prior to the kidnappings.

One of the victims of lesbian crimes said in 2014 that Carvallo himself participated in his abduction and that he also tortured him. Not only physically, but also psychologically – (see related comment).

Carlos Luis Carvallo, born in Oberá, since he was received as an announcer in 1980, had a broad and recognized career in mission journalism. He worked on different radios and even on channel 12.

His last known activity was in the morning show of FM Show de Posadas.

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