After he went out with friends, the young man fell asleep and was overwhelmed by the train

Santiago del Estero.- A 19-year-old boy was Rolled up by the train, after falling asleep after his departure with his people and go to his house in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

This is Marcelo "N", was found dead and completely mutilated in the away from the city of Forres rammed by the train after falling asleep instead.

Around ten o'clock in the morning, the young victim was found by a local neighbor who was walking around in the neighborhood and warning the police. The body was mutilated and found unrecognizable. Hours later, one of his brothers recognized him for the clothes he wore. This was reported by the Nuevo Diario Web.

According to the authorities, the 19-year-old had gone out with his friends and the accident would have happened when he returned home; Inquired the current district attorney of Banda y Robles, Dr. Pablo Moya, who ordered the body to be transferred to the judicial morgue so that he could perform the corresponding autopsy.

Illustrative image. Photo: Pixabay

Insofar as the experts from the Criminalist Division performed the relevant diligences in its place.

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