After the arrest of Melazo they point to two judges and municipal officials – 08/25/2018

The nearly 15 bodies with eavesdropping and WhatsApp conversations that led to the arrest of the former judge César Melazo they would have "even more explosive" data, according to the Supreme Court lawyer, Julio Conte Grand.

These are judicial records full of data, interviews and other evidence that made it possible to link the former magistrate, a former barra barra and an "operator" of the courts in the case of police, thieves and judicial officials in La Plata. operate as an alleged "Illegal association" dedicated to robbing homes and committing fraud with stolen cars, in addition to other crimes.

Around noon, in teams of transfer from the federal police, this Saturday took to Melazo to the prosecutors of La Plata. The same building that is now suspected of integrating that criminal organization has worked for more than 30 years.

"We do not know the details of the indictment, we do not know what elements they have against the suspect and they have not shown us the evidence," he said. Horn a member of the defense of Melazo, who sat face to face with the public prosecutor this Saturday night.

The chief prosecutor of the province has announced that there will be news. "The research will bring us to an amazing scenario in the coming days," he said. He did not give more details because all tests have not yet been investigated and they have not been able to analyze the mountain of evidence that Prosecutor Betina Lacki found in her training.

But legal sources are allowed Horn that in the countless chats that are included among some of the now 14 detainees in this process (thieves, tellers, scammers, many imputed by different episodes) are mentioned two other judges in activity: one of them is in one of the rooms of the Hof van Cassatielike Martín Ordoqui, who yesterday was informed of an allegation of alleged "influence on lies".

Also mentioned is one current judge of guarantees (The same position that Melazo resigned last year, in the middle of a jury trial). Prisoners and lawyers of these detainees refer to that judicial official as "El Gordo", a nickname with which he would also be known in criminal matters.

In addition, the links of this band would extend to officials of the municipal administration "Prior to the current", the informants clarified. In more than one recording, people who are attributed or jailed for crimes suggest that the councilor, who wants to be a candidate for the mayor, maintains ties with the court to grant procedural advantages or legal shortcuts to to favor criminal situations.

The shock wave of the cause would also come to ex members of the provincial government that ended in December 2015, substantiate sources that have access to the file.

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