After the strong attendance of the children's day, the opening on Sunday was not expected

On Children & # 39; s Day, the tradition of entertaining the little ones with presents had a positive balance in Corrientes' toy stores, because they had a good level of commercialization in August and a significant recovery on Saturday. In this context, most of the companies in the area opened their doors yesterday, but traders have explained that rainy Sunday is only closed with a few planned purchases or last minute.
Although several toy stores made colorful pennants for the celebration of the Day of the Child in the morning of yesterday, the commercial movement in the center was scarce. "The rain made it difficult for us on Sundays, we always worked on important dates and other years more people came in", he explained to El Litoral Amelia of a polyrubro in Junín's pedestrian zone.
In the meantime, two small brothers were taken into the gondola dolls in a toy store in the center until they found the person they were looking for. In this connection, Natalia, a salesman, said: "Some parents took advantage of their children on Sundays and they decide the gift themselves, but other families saw Saturday that the company was very full and preferred to play the toy. sign to get it today (yesterday) directly, we've had several sales this week. & # 39;
From another company in the field, Mauricio said as manager: "This morning we only had three sales, an urgent purchase of a few aunts who had forgotten the day of children and some of whom we keep some toys because they could not get through the week for their work. "

In the middle of the short survey, all traders agreed that Saturday was the best-selling day. In fact, the vendors in two companies accommodated the few products that remained, because some boards were virtually empty. "We sold almost all dolls L.O.L, the gondola says it all, then the superheroes dolls, the cars and the kitchen sets sold massively," said Mauricio from a toy store.
From a bazaar shop they emphasized that different toys were sold in the wholesale trade, because several parties were organized.

The commercial sector entails a decline in the level of consumption for a number of months, and several sellers were surprised by the significant increase in demand.
"We sold very well in August, we expected a decline in consumption, but the offers were paying off," Victor said from a bazaar.
In all cases, they specified that the average expenditure was between $ 500 and $ 1500 per child. In this sense, traders agreed that although consumption remained high, there were more restrictions on spending as toys increased by 20% and average expenditure did not reach the same level.

Children & # 39; s Day, without a doubt, is a date that is celebrated in homes and that affects the commercial movement of various items. However, all vendors agree that toys for this date are still the most wanted gift.
According to a short survey, it was possible to confirm that the most popular gifts were: first the toy with the image of a television character, secondly the tablets, the video games and finally some that emphasized that the clothing It is an option to send gifts to to fill.

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