After they had betrayed a former member of a gang, three drug dealers fell with 300 kilos of marijuana. News directly from

The Buenos Aires police arrested three people who were committed to the sale and commercialization of drugs in the city of Pilar after the conviction of a former member of the illegal organization, now "repentant", as reported by the government of Buenos Aires.

They were kidnapped with 300 kilos of marijuana, two vans, a weapon and various mobile phones with which they carried out the criminal activities.


It all started when the subject of police personnel noticed that many medicines were "saved" in a house in the area, it was reported.

So it was that identified the leader of the band, and the hours they worked, after a discussion and differences they had.

That is why DDI personnel Moreno-Rodríguez performed a series of robberies in the hours of Friday afternoon to find the suspects.

ELEMENTS. Found (Buenos Aires government).

ELEMENTS. Found (Buenos Aires government).

In the neighborhood of the streets of San Pedro and Salta, in the city of Manuel Alberti, in the Pilar district, the police arrested three people, two of them from Paraguay, in a house that they used as a storage place.

In that address, the researchers kidnapped more than 300 kilos of marijuana in breads, a 9 millimeter pistol and four mobile phones kidnapped. They also confiscated a Toyota HILUX and a Mazda 626.

The detainees, two men and a woman, were at the disposal of the judge to be investigated in the context of the case.

The Federal Court of Campana takes part, responsible for Adrián González Charvay.

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