After thirteen hours, the search in the apartment of Cristina Kirchner in Recoleta was over

On the orders of Judge Bonadio, the police officers checked the location of the former president in the vicinity of Recoleta and Río Gallegos; walls, ceilings and floors were inspected; no documents have been hijacked Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

The federal judge

Claudio Bonadio
he specified the raids
two of the properties of the former president

Cristina Kirchner
the house of Río Gallegos and the department of Buenos Aires, which lasted 13 hours. The police did not kidnap anything, but walls, ceilings and floors were searched to find evidence and "confirm" the claims that were collected in the case.

This has been reported
THE NATION official sources.

In the department of Uruguay and Juncal, in Recoleta, the researchers made an estimate of paintings and "crafts". They have not found any money or other valuables.

None of the buildings was occupied. In the two rounds, scanners and borescopes were used, which are accessories to see through small openings.

"The operations were very long because you had to move furniture and check everything carefully," he said.
THE NATION an official who is aware of what has happened in the raids.

In the operation in Buenos Aires, the lawyer of Cristina Kirchner, Carlos Beraldi, complained that they had not shown him. Judicial sources admitted to
THE NATION who asked him to wait for the shield. "I opened the doors, it is the job my client gave me and I have provided all the elements of the address to be assessed," he said. "Undoubtedly, you do not want to do any inspection here, here's what you want to do is a farce, the judge shows the illegality of his behavior again," he said.

The usual thing is to have the defender present
Observe the operative.

According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, "the defenders of the parties have the right to attend annexes, recognitions, reconstructions, expertises and inspections, provided that they are to be considered definitive and non-reproducible due to their nature and characteristics".

The agents started at noon on the corner of Juncal and Uruguay, in Recoleta, where the Senatorial department of Buenos Aires is located.

Police exit with boxes of robbery on Cristina Kirchner
Police exit with boxes of robbery on Cristina Kirchner Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

The procedure started two hours later
at the house of the exmandataria in Río Gallegos, which ended after 18.

In this case, the home of Cristina Kirchner was inspected, with two floors, located two blocks from the local waterfront, in the Garden District.

The operation consisted of ten members of the federal police with a seat in Río Gallegos and dogs from K-9, a division of the AFIP that trains dogs to detect drugs and foreign currency.

Although there was no member of the Kirchner family in the house of Mascarello 441, when the authorities arrived, those responsible for opening the door were the provincial deputy Matías Bezi, La Cámpora and Máximo Kirchner, and the local lawyer Daniel . Cabezas.

The strong journalistic detention was countered by the scarce presence of neighbors of Río Gallegos, who went to the front of the house without stopping.

However, constant traffic, in a quiet neighborhood, caused a traffic accident without serious damage in the corner of Cristina Kirchner's house.

During the search, a van of the federal police and another of the provincial police cut the block in front of the house.

Cristina leaves the Instituto Patria
Cristina leaves the Instituto Patria Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fabián Marelli

Those who arrived carried printers and boxes and two witnesses from the protest group Retired United in Action. The presence of the two pensioners meant that by the end of the afternoon other members of the group arrived, waiting for the departure of their companions at the door of the house, fighting against the icy afternoon, with verses that repeated "it will end ", the dictatorship of stealing will end. "

In the meantime, the inspection in the house of El Calafate will take place today, according to judicial sources.

Finally, in the federal capital, the general climate surrounding the robbery was calm, only changed by a motorist who casually called a slogan for or against the exmandatarians.

On the walls of the shop under the former president's house were the posters posted on Wednesday by the militants who came to support her. "The homemade flan gives arcade", "Strength Cristina" and "With Cristina is not fucked" they pray.

"I came to support Cristina, yesterday in the Senate, she was brilliant and I believe her," said Miguel Brizuela, one of the militants who came to the corner of Juncal and Uruguay. But the presences were scarce and the day went smoothly.

The whole operation ended after 22.

Report: Mariela Arias and Federico Acosta Rainis

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