All peronist tribes are bound to reject the elimination of the Soy Fund

Intendants from all Peronist tribes gathered at the headquarters of the National Peronist Front this afternoon to give strength to an already energetic claim to the cut through the so-called "Sojero Fund" that robs them of 600 million euros in the remainder of 2018 and about three billion for next year, from a decree of Mauricio Macri.

Kirchnerists like Francisco Durañona, Jorge Ferraresi and Mario Secco they shake Peronists with their own game, like Martín Insaurralde, Fernando Gray and Juan Zabaleta, mixed with leaders who push from the interior and even the president of the PJ, Gustavo Menéndezfrom Merlo. In principle they raised a number of issues, such as rates and, of course, the cancellation of the fund, for the Ombudsman, Guido Lorenzino.

They brought together a total of forty leaders who they were vehemently opposed to the eradication of the federal solidarity fund and expected that they would resort to the courts to translate that decision into an amparo. The conclave happened almost simultaneously with the repression against Astilleros workers, about which there was also an explicit rejection.

In a statement released after the meeting, they expressed the "rejection of the repression that took place today in La Plata by the police at the workers of the Rio Santiago Shipyard", the "support to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in a context of unprecedented political persecutionAnd the "Rejection of the escalation of tariffs that drown the economy of Buenos Aires."

As far as tariffs are concerned, they demanded from the province "that the supply companies are the ones that absorb the increases, not the province or the municipalities" and that the companies are obliged to "have part of their enormous profitability to absorb the lighting costs" "public, because light is safety and with the current tariff plan it becomes unaffordable. "

"We express our rejection of the elimination by decree of the Federal Solidarity Fund and we agree to initiate a collective action with the Office of the Ombudsman of Buenos Aires to demand the return of the government," they said, noting that "thanks to the Federal Solidarity Fund, the province of Buenos Aires and all municipalities, we have been able to carry out asphalt works, lighting and the construction of free and inclusive spaces for the promotion of sports, culture and education, which directly benefited more than 16 million neighbors" .

Macri & # 39; s decision was taken last week and, according to the president himself, based on an administrative detail: the intendants, he said, use it for current expenses rather than investing in social infrastructure.

That judgment was heavy, but the malaise is more economic and political in nature. One of the first to have his voice was the joint head of San Antonio de Areco, Francisco Durañona: "Macri boldly shows his unitary and centralist face, with enormous disregard for the interior, the provinces and the municipalities ", he explained before consulting this portal.

The unrest even reached the intimates of Massistas, such as Javier Gastón, of Chascomus, and Facundo López, of Necochea, who did not participate in the summit today.

Among those present are Hernán Ralinqueo (May 25), Alfredo Fisher (Laprida), Marcelo Santillán (Gonzales Chaves), Juan Ustarroz (Mercedes), Germán Lago (Alberti), Santiago Maggiotti (Navarro), Walter Torchio (Carlos Casares), Gustavo Arrieta (Cañuelas), Oscar Ostoich (Captain Sarmiento), Martín Insaurralde (Lomas), Gabriel Katopodis (San Martin), Osvaldo Cáffaro (Zárate), Gustavo Cocconi (Tapalque) and Jorge Cortés (Hipolito Yrigoyen).

They also showed in the National Peronist Front Hernán y Zurieta (Punta Indio), Gustavo Barrera (Gesell), Mario Secco (Ensenada), Jorge Ferraresi (Avellaneda), Juan Ustarroz (Mercedes), Gustavo Menéndez (Merlo), Juan Pablo De Jesus (The coast), Fernando Gray (Esteban Echeverría), Mariano Cascallaeres (Brown), Alberto Connocchiari (Leandro N. Alem), Ricardo Alessandro (Salto), among others.

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