An old family dispute appears on the radar of the case of sexual abuse against the priest

After the allegation of sexual abuse against Father Walter Bustos, who is being investigated by the court, many have been woven into the case that caused the controversy in San Juan and one of them has the power sector over the last few hours on which motive the punishment complaint: an old family dispute.

Although there is currently no official information that emerges from the investigation by the Second Court, by decision of the judge who has heard the case, Ricardo Grossi Graffigna, supported by the brief secret, of the unofficial point that denounces the radic the father of the supposed victim and cuado of the priest who was separated from his position.

As previously informed, the priest who has been abused by the priest will be 15 years old. The fact would, however, have taken place years ago, when the alleged victim was nine years old. As the story claims, the conflict is unraveled in the intimacy of the family and will be "resolved" in that environment.

The version indicates that the divorce of the victim's parents will be the reason why he has uncovered the conflict between the parties involved, which up to now has not crossed the borders of the family. Anger or annoyance from Father Walter's wife will be the cause of the conviction.

Those who are close to the police put their suspicion in the accusation of the one who made it and speculate that it would have been revenge. Although nobody put their hands on the fire for the religious and clarified that they would rather wait for justice to determine their guilt or innocence.

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